Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Three Arrests Made in Rock Springs For Conspiracy to Commit Burglary

Three people were arrested on Monday for conspiracy to commit burglary, burglary and several other charges following a traffic stop in Rock Springs. 18 year old Amanda Jordan Swab of Lyman was pulled over for running a red light and Officer Mat Register thought she appeared extremely nervous. Register deployed his K9 partner, Gunner, who positively indicated there were narcotics around the passenger's door. A physical search yielded a bong with marijuana residue under the passenger seat. Register also found checkbooks during the search. After contacting the checkbook owners, it was found that they had been stolen the previous evening. In a backpack that belonged to 18 year old Jacob Harter of Mountain View who was a passenger a stolen Taurus 22mg pistol was found. In a backpack that belonged to 18 year old Rowdy L. Bess of Fort Bridger, another passenger, police found yet another checkbook that was also stolen. All three were placed under arrest. A fourth passenger was not charged.

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